Upgrade Your Campus Lighting to LED Without Going to Bid

With FSG and Buyboard, you can get the lighting upgraded on your campuses and in your buildings without having to go through a long drawn out bid process. 

Leverage the Savings of LED

LED lighting can help create a brighter, safer environment for students, but it can also create a brighter future for them too! When less money is spent on operations, more can be spent on education.  LED isn’t just a better way to light your campuses it’s a better way to invest in the next generation! 

What if your LED project didn't cost you a dime?

FSG offer’s financing options that work for municipalities and government entities. With FSG financing options, your organization can capitalize on the benefits of LED without having to blow your capital budget.

Contact Us to learn more about what options might exist for your organization.

See how one school district in Texas found more money for their students by upgrading their lighting.

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See How one Texas School District Saved With LED

Get More With FSG and Buyboard

As a Buyboard contractor, FSG is able to offer more to school districts and other Buyboard members.  In addition to LED lighting, FSG is able to offer:

  • Contract 501-15 – Building Maintenance, Repair, and Operations Supplies and Equipment
  • Contract 512-16 – Park and Recreation Equipment and Field Lighting and Installation
  • Contract 527-17 – Energy Saving Lighting Products
  • Contract 540-17 – Outdoor Street Lighting
  • Contract 550-17 – Electric Vehicle Fueling Stations
  • Contract 558-18 – Trade Services Parts and Labor for Electrical, Plumbing
  • Contract 563-18 – Audio Visual Equipment and Supplies